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Overview – The Wellness Advocate

Goal: Lower the COMPANY’s health costs while improving employee health outcomes

The Wellness Advocate is a program developed by STRATEGIC WELLNESS, LLC to address the “missing link” in individual health care. Science corroborates the fact that many problems due to chronic illness or weight gain can be treated by; proper life style changes, considering and understanding alternatives to medications, and simply asking practical questions of our healthcare practitioners.

  • Lunch & Learns Sessions:

    The Lunch & Learn topics are designed to address the most pressing employee health concerns. Their purpose is to educate. By delivering foundational principals of how the body works and what is required to maintain health, those individuals who are intent on proactively optimizing their well-being are taught ground-breaking, research based applications designed to promote health. Each session is one (1) hour.

  • One-on-One Consultations:

    An employee meets privately with a Board Certified Registered Dietitian (RD) regarding their unique health and nutrition needs. A mini-health plan is designed for them and they learn that science validates the following;

    1. That many medical problems can be treated by appropriate lifestyle and nutritional changes
    2. That there may be other alternatives to medications and surgery
    3. And, probably most important, that asking key questions and reviewing options with their healthcare practitioner will give them better health outcomes

    Many have commented on the value of these one-on-one consults and how they have received more answers to their personal health questions in just one meeting that have remained unanswered for months and sometimes years

  • Health Consult Follow-up:

    The Health Consult Follow-up (HCF) is designed for those individuals who have met with the RD one-on-one and their health plan is now in progress. They are empowered and are making BIG changes and getting even BIGGER results. This employee may have a quick question on their current activity or need help discussing health challenges with their doctor or maybe they need guidance in planning their next steps. The HCF is designed as a scheduled twenty (20) minute face to face or phone conversation with a RD.